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TechNet Task Group Makes Your IT Infrastructure Our Priority.

Our team of experts can become your outsourced IT department responding to issues quickly, often before you even know about them. Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure, to your computers, workstations and mobile devices, we provide end-to-end solutions for all of your technology needs.

Managed IT Services

The cloud is the future of small and medium business technology management.

Security Services

Eliminate wasted time and money by managing your security from one location.

Cloud IT Solutions

The future of small and medium business technology that will save you money and increase efficiency.

Data Services

It's important to implement a data recovery solution as part of a concise business continuity plan.


What are the 10 Benefits of Managed IT Services?

Our Approach

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our experience has allowed us to build and develop the infrastructure needed to keep our prices affordable and our clients up and running.

Our Difference

Our Difference

There is no catch, no gimmick, just experience and best practices that we've honed over the years to make our services work for you.

IT Industry Secret

IT Industry Secret

Shhh, don't tell anyone we told you! We are about to let you in on a secret about how most computer companies really make their money!

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What Our Customers say

"The day to day handling of our computer system has been very beneficial to the efficient operation of our business. The response to our questions and/or problems has been exemplary. As a result, we have had almost no downtime due to computer problems since they took over the management of our system. Their suggestions and improvements, on an ongoing basis, have served to keep us up to date and operating efficiently in an ever more confusing world of technology. The hands-on attitude of the staff at TechNet makes working with them a pleasure. Having a person and a specific voice to talk to when there is a computer problem during the workday, especially in this day of “menus” is especially appreciated. We would recommend TechNet Task Group to any business interested in improving and maintaining or installing a new system."...

"Prior to working with TechNet Task Group, we did not have reliable computer support. Our computer hardware and software was antiquated and in constant need of repair. We had constant problems with our e-mail and these issues were starting to affect our business. Based on their excellent reputation, I called on TechNet Task Group to analyze our systems and make recommendations and solutions to our problems. They assisted us in the purchase of new hardware and software. They were there every step of the way in the implementation process. Since engaging TechNet Task Group, we no longer have the problems with our computers and e-mail that we once had. TechNet Task Group monitors our system very closely and is quick to notify us if there is a problem. If the problem cannot be rectified remotely, TechNet Task Group is quick to respond by sending someone out to find a solution. Our firm has become much more efficient. As a result of TechNet Task Group’s exemplary services, my employees no longer sit idle waiting for a computer issue to be resolved. TechNet Task Group’s courteous staff is knowledgeable and quick to resolve whatever question or issue we may have. I would recommend TechNet Task Group to...